Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bruce Castle Museum Curates the Sky

The lesser spotted Anvil Cloud by Luke Howard (1772-1864) cloudiologist and campaigner.

Bruce Castle Museum
is celebrating the life of Tottenham's namer of clouds Luke Howard.

In a wonderful new exhibition you can explore the cloudiologist's scientific achievements, his Quakerly civil rights campaigns and his influence on Turner, Constable and Goethe.

Luke Skywatcher, Keeper of Clouds


Float Like a Butterfly at Euroart Studios

Have you voted on a new bookshop yet?

To make way for Spurs' brand new shiny stadium, Tottenham's Euroart Studios has moved...

to Tottenham.

They're throwing a ball this Friday 23rd of April to celebrate.

Meet the artistes, sigh at their garrets and consider a life change.

Doors open from 6 with fun till 10.

At 7 and 9 you can explore "religion, fear and predation" through drama poetry and the unconscious in "The Meal" a performance by poet Sarah Reilly.

"All are welcome!

Visit our purpose built studios – meet the artists – see their work – share a drink with us.


Five mins walk from Seven Sisters tube right near Marfield Park

Euroart Studios

Units 5 & 6

Gaunson House

Markfield Road

The Nam N15 4QQ

Check the Map