Monday, May 12, 2008

Tottenham Online

The Penny Black devised by Rowland Hill (1795-1879), father of the Penny Post, the modern affordable postal service and Tottenham resident.

This site hopes to give you a bit of a picture of all the fun and interesting places to go in and around Tottenham - with a few extras thrown in.

But we can't put it up here all at once and these things take a bit of any reviews and exciting news is always very welcome...

A good place to start for online hints and tips is the website which provides lots of really useful info covering practically everything. And of course the papers carry listings too.

If you're strolling around Bruce Castle Park check out Marmalade's notice board or the handy flyers at the Museum.

Otherwise a scan of the links below shows that the area's already well covered on line- the new Tottenham Carnival website is brilliant and there's loads of interesting things to learn about Tottenham and more and more local businesses and groups are getting connected.

'Rowland! Rowland! Rowland! my new incisive and generous advertising form,' Brazilian envelope showing Rowland Hill Service stationer's logo 1920 .

The Tottenham Civic Society, devoted to promoting all things great and good in Tottenham, is also connecting ASAP. They publish a really interesting newsletter with pics called CIVITAS TOTTENHAM.

Just the other day the Society gave a tour of the High Road to share their knowledge of local history and exciting new developments. On Saturday 31st May they're giving a tour of Broadwater Farm. You can find their events at Bruce Castle Museum and the Hornsey Historical Society.

And also a new free local paper, available in print and online, is now doing the rounds.

With a circulation of 27,000, First Tottenham, is shining a little light through local views, reportage and advertising.


Some places to go around the High Road, Bruce Grove and Lordship Lane...

A bit of a critic? just have to tell the world about somewhere great in your neighbourhood? get scribbling and write our reviews for us!

Tottenham High Road, Bruce Grove and Lordship Lane have loads of places to go out for a bite to eat, a cup of coffee, or a fresh tub of halva.

We've drawn up a list of just some of them in the area.

(and also promise to add one's we can't quite remember the names of! Like that nice Thai place in the alley between the Butchers and McDonald's - you know the one! - and pubs of course)

You may have seen a few of these on the beeb's
'Bruce Grove - Our Street.'

Tottenham High Road

Bar Latina - life and soul of the party, Accoustic Vibe Nights on Tuesdays, otherwise Salsa food and fun - join them at the Carnival for Latin singing and boogie.

Bar Latina - What's On

(Music journos and budding directors get to work! send us your stuff! It's right on your doorstep!)

Shuggie - Bar Latina

Daniel Spiller - I Confess

Rosered - Bar Latina

Luke Paul Jackson's Absent Friends

Mauritian Dance Night

Salsa - sound's a bit rough on this one...

Grhymey Live On Stage

La Barca's - excellent cafe restaurant - lovely seaside themes- opposite Spurs - doors always open

Tottenham Star - give it three stars for delicious kebabs and more, go on! just by Spurs

TFC - a High Road giant, filled with lovely fresh veg and packed with goodies - it's a supermarket but anyways....

Cirrik - Time Out's been there - fancy Turkish cuisine, good atmosphere

Jack's cafe - good old traditional cafe just by Spurs - great food

Titanic Cafe - best named caff in the world

Still there. Best looking cafe in the world, the Titanic holds its course.

Nexus Point - almost the best name in the world?

Tony's Cafe, sadly no more.

Bruce Grove

Well established
family run San Marco's opposite the station - everyone loves it

Well established
Scorpio's Chicken - tasty eats

New Moroccan
Menar Patisserie - great coffee, cakes and cuisine

New massive cafe next to the station in converted post office with function rooms.

Lordship Lane

New Portuguese
Marina Cafe - very friendly family run cafe just opposite Bruce Castle Park stacked with treats and a few tipples

(a bit of a cop-out we know - but it's a start!)


Last Chance to See the Work of Local Artist John Godden at the Museum

If you haven't been already don't miss your last chance to see the work of local painter John Godden (1930-1999) at the Museum which finishes at the end of May.

An Oxford graduate, Godden worked as a librarian in the civil service and used to cycle around the area with camera in hand and paint the scenes that caught his eye.

The Royal Academy chose a few for their summer exhibition.


New Bookshop?

It looks like there's still a great chance to open a nice new bookshop right next to Marmalade Cafe on Lordship Lane.

Or maybe one of those lovely boarded up buildings on the High Road?

Or next to Bruce Grove Station?

Or Seven Sisters Tube just by Tesco?

Or the Bernie Grant Arts Centre?

Or The Hale Roundabout?

Or Bruce Castle Museum?

Until then you have lots of excuses to meet the almost local heroes who saved Wood Green at the Big Green Bookshop.


Friday, May 9, 2008

The Dream of Ossie Ardiles

As conceived by Chas and Dave (1981)...

Australian has a Bunch of Great Old Tottenham Records

Ian Barton, a resident of a small suburb 10 miles north of Adelaide in Southern Australia, has a great collection of old Salvation Army records dating back to 1927.

The Tottenham Sally.
For anyone interested in brass it's a real treasure trove.

Among them you'll find the Tottenham Citadel Band.

Tottenham Citadel Band 1932, now the Enfield Citadel Band.

Listen to them online at

We rather liked 'Happy All The Day' but you might prefer By Love Compelled...

Dave Clark 5 Back in Tottenham Where it All Began

Dave Clark 5 at the 'Royal Theatre' Tottenham

Daddy, Daddy Cool

Mayor Sheik Thompson is playing jazz tonight in aid of talented young musicians at the Wood Green Social Club.

The mayor's bands have played alongside the likes of Georgie Fame, Long John Baldry and the Stones so you're in store for some serious music. Cool... Jazz... skiddlyap.

Doesn't it just chase the blues away to know he's our Mayor? The weather's fine too.

Earlier today he dropped by Marmalade to shine a little light there.

There's also Bollywood Dancing tonight and a few surprises.

(New Mayor of Haringey Egyptologist and Doctor Who fan Alan Dobbie)



Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hang On

The home of Spurs for 109 years the Stadium's future at White Hart Lane still hangs in the balance.

Exciting rumours of increased capacity from 36,000 to 50,000 were met with caution by the club yesterday who said they can't make a decision at the end of June as they had hoped to.

On the edge of your seat? Anxious about a Tottenham without Spurs? Hang on in there!

For a more detailed report check out the link below.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Art Opening on Tottenham High Road

Fertility Dolls by Lorraine Clarke.

From the 6th to the 8th of June you can enter into the world of the artists busying away in their garrets right next to Spurs Football Stadium on Tottenham High Road.

On show is a diverse collection covering everything from painting and sculpture to installation art, costume design, animation, SFX sculpture, video, photography and much more.

The broad palette reflects the size of the Euroart building which boasts 43 studios.

Founded in 2002 by the international artist Lorraine Clarke and Partner Nigel Young - an aerospace engineer - this year will be Euroart's sixth Open Studios weekend.

If you missed Lorraine's recent exhibition at the fashionable Old Truman Brewery now's your chance. 'A spiritual rollercoaster into the human psyche', said the Guardian.

The artist Lorraine Clarke in her Tottenham studio.

You can also see the work of an ex-BBC news correspondent and TV presenter Triona Palmer whose art explores the famine, war and disasters she witnessed first hand.

There's just so many interesting artists involved you'll have to go along to Euroart Studios to find out more. Opening Night is Friday 6th June 6pm to 10pm...


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tottenham Civic Society Reviews Marmalade Cafe

Janet Harris a local resident of Bruce Grove and active member of the Tottenham Civic Society has been to visit the cafe everyone's talking about and sent in her review:

" Daiana, the proprietress of this new venture, used to do
the weekend cafe in Bruce Castle Museum until opening
Marmalade, so I know her from there.

Paying my first visit to her new establishment today, Daiana
was very pleased to see me. There were three customers
in there already (about 11.15am) plus another seven
came in while I was munching, one to order a take-away
snack and the others to eat on the premises. One of the
seven was a Mum with a little girl, dropping in after coming from the park.
So, steady business for a Thursday morning.

The whole ambiance and decoration is reminiscent of
Crouch End or Muswell Hill eateries, even down to the 'distressed'
wooden tables and dining chairs.

Now for the food! There was a wide choice of sandwiches
and rolls. Had a 'half-baguette' filled with egg mayo
and lashings of cress, accompanied by a green salad
(no sign of iceberg lettuce!) and dressing. Also had
one of Daiana's famous cakes and a pot of tea.

The 'half baguette' was so huge and filling that I
brought half home with me. Daiana and her assistant
were happy to supply me with a doggy bag. The pot of
tea provided one-and-a-half generous cups. My meal
came to £5.70:

Tea 95p per pot
Cake £1.75
Baguette £3.00

Today's 'special' was lasagna at £6.50 per portion.
On my taking some leaflets for distribution, Daiana apologised
that she'd had to raise the prices by 5% since the
leaflets were published. See from the leaflets that
Marmalade also does Kids' Parties Saturdays and
Sundays, plus there is a Kids' Menu from around £2.50.

Marmalade is open 8-6 Mon-Fri and 9-5 on Saturdays. Closed Sunday.
The location is 40 Lordship Lane, N17 8NS
next door but one to Bruce Castle Park gates and
almost opposite the Magistrates' Court.

Marmalade's number is 020 8808 9111 end e-mail:

Not only does Marmalade sell herbal teas and provides
an English Breakfast for just over a fiver but also
sells marmalade! Yes!! And made by Daiana herself.
She told me this was her first venture at making
marmalade and it's turned out a bit runny. She
recommends that after spreading your toast, that the
slice is held absolutely level. A small jar (no
weight printed on the label but should imagine about
1/2 lb) costs £1.50.

Janet Harris
Tottenham Civic Society "

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Boris Visits London Boxing Academy

Boris Johnson and boxing star Chavez Campbell at the London Boxing Academy on Tottenham High Road.

Boris Johnson dropped by last week to drum up support for his Mayorial campaign and shone a little light on Tottenham's very successful London Boxing Academy and the work it does in the community.