Monday, May 12, 2008

Tottenham Online

The Penny Black devised by Rowland Hill (1795-1879), father of the Penny Post, the modern affordable postal service and Tottenham resident.

This site hopes to give you a bit of a picture of all the fun and interesting places to go in and around Tottenham - with a few extras thrown in.

But we can't put it up here all at once and these things take a bit of any reviews and exciting news is always very welcome...

A good place to start for online hints and tips is the website which provides lots of really useful info covering practically everything. And of course the papers carry listings too.

If you're strolling around Bruce Castle Park check out Marmalade's notice board or the handy flyers at the Museum.

Otherwise a scan of the links below shows that the area's already well covered on line- the new Tottenham Carnival website is brilliant and there's loads of interesting things to learn about Tottenham and more and more local businesses and groups are getting connected.

'Rowland! Rowland! Rowland! my new incisive and generous advertising form,' Brazilian envelope showing Rowland Hill Service stationer's logo 1920 .

The Tottenham Civic Society, devoted to promoting all things great and good in Tottenham, is also connecting ASAP. They publish a really interesting newsletter with pics called CIVITAS TOTTENHAM.

Just the other day the Society gave a tour of the High Road to share their knowledge of local history and exciting new developments. On Saturday 31st May they're giving a tour of Broadwater Farm. You can find their events at Bruce Castle Museum and the Hornsey Historical Society.

And also a new free local paper, available in print and online, is now doing the rounds.

With a circulation of 27,000, First Tottenham, is shining a little light through local views, reportage and advertising.


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