Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The God of Pizza has come to Tottenham

Delicious fresh pizzas straight from the newly built pizza oven at Tottenham's San Marcos are wowing customers throughout the borough.

Now open on Sundays and with a full menu available to take home, you can enjoy a bit of Italy in the comfort of your castle while looking after all your screaming children.

Family run San Marco's was the location of a recent BBC drama exploring lost love starring Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson.

San Marco's Grazzi Parletta, who recently appeared in the news for unearthing a rare drawing of the Tottenham Dispensary, announced that 'the god of pizza' has arrived to work the new oven.

Go and check it out!

San Marco's online


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Marcus Garvey Library

West Green Road by Everal Hall

Last chance to see the work of local artists Everal and Bernette Hall at the Marcus Garvey Library by Seven Sisters.

Broadwater Farm Falls by Bernette Hall

You can see more at Be Arts


Euroart Open Studios 1st October


Classic Tottenham

Last chance to see how the Greeks and Romans influenced our buildings - as seen through the eyes of artist Steve Amor at Bruce Castle Museum.


In the Ham of Totten

St Loy by Georgios Ioannou Byzantine Iconographer

Contemporary icon of Tottenham's St Loys by artist and Bruce Castle Museum staff Georgios Ioannou - as seen at the very successful, but only the second in its history, open day at All Hallows Church as advertised in the Independent where punters were treated to local arts and crafts, a raffle, tea and cake and a tour of the bell tower.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Prize Gold Medal for Bruce Castle Pumpkin

The Bruce Castle Pumpkin won first prize and was awarded the gold medal for best pumpkin at last Saturday's Tottenham Flower Show and Lordship Rec Festival ... again.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Doctor Bird Cuisine

Lovely new restaurant on Tottenham High Road

Drop in for lovely food and drink...

"Catering for all Occassions

Purveyor of fine Caribbean fare"

Open morning til night

686 Tottenham High Road


Tottenham Bell Ringing

All Hallows Church

Did you know that Bruce Castle's All Hallows Church boasts the largest peal of bells in the borough?

Some were first gonged back in 1696.

Why not try them out on Tuesday nights?

Tottenham, Gr Lon
All Hallows
Bells Hide Details
Bell Weight Nominal Note Diameter Cast Founder Canons
1 4-3-14
F# 27.00" 1959 Mears & Stainbank
2 5-1-3
E# 28.00" 1959 Mears & Stainbank
3 5-3-4
D# 30.25" 1881 John Warner & Sons
4 6-0-24
C# 32.00" 1696 Philip Wightman
5 7-2-20
B 34.25" 1696 Philip Wightman Y
6 9-0-21
A# 36.00" 1959 Mears & Stainbank
7 10-2-13
G# 39.25" 1696 Philip Wightman Y
8 13-2-0
F# 43.00" 1696 Philip Wightman Y

18.13" 1663† Flemish Y
Source: GAD NBR spsheet; Dove tenor wt; CBC list; RW2007/p807; A Bull

Contributed by: John Baldwin

Info from Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers


Monday, August 16, 2010

Time Traffic


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bruce Castle Groove

Earth Wind and Fire...the 1970s Roman kiln project in Highgate Woods.

Bruce Castle Museum has blown the doors off its safe and released a 2000 year old Roman kiln back into the wild.

The project, which is the Museum's fantastic contribution to the 'Cultural Olympiad', has its roots in the earth loving 70s after archaeologists found the ancient cooker in Highgate Woods and wanted to have a go themselves.

On Monday the youth of Haringey led by archaeologist Nick Peacey and Local Potter Mooki Hurst strapped themselves in for a creative rollercoaster ride back through time.

The journey will see our merry band of travellers squidging up the Ancient Clay of Haringey to produce delicately turned masterpieces and raw expressions to rival that of the road loving Romans.

They'll build their own fire breathing kilns , while chroniclers from Exposure Youth Magazine will be on hand to record it all, and on Friday 16th July David Lammy MP will be there to cheer everyone on.



Friday, July 2, 2010

Markfield Family BBQ 10th July

Markfield Park's Family Club is inviting families to its annual Barbeque next Satuday 10th July for good food and fun.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tottenham Community Choir

"Following on from an intimate... performance in March at St Mary's, Lansdowne Road, Tottenham Community Choir will be performing their first major concert at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre on Saturday 10th July.

Joined on stage by theatrical showband "in The Meantime", the choir will be singing a diverse repertoire from classical to pop.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bruce Castle Gets Creepy Tonight

The Wellcome Trust is coming to Tottenham's Bruce Castle Museum tonight to talk about surgeons and bodysnatchers.



Saturday, June 26, 2010

America Will Cry Tonight, Says Tottenham

Tottenham High Road is going party crazy tonight celebrating Ghana's win over the USA.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tottenham Carnival 2010

Saturday is Tottenham Carnival

Check out the Carnival Website for all the fun on the day.

Sunday is also Family Funday in Bruce Castle Park with rides and slides.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Lovely Spurs Save Lovely High Road

Tottenham experts puzzle an age old question...the cockerel or the football?

Lovely Tottenham Football Club is to preserve and restore the lovely boarded up buildings along the High Road originally marked for demolition!

The new stadium development will have a massive lovely impact on the area breathing life back into that zombie deadzone on the High Road and rippling out in wonderfully benevolent waves of regeneration.

But it's also great for Tottenham's lovely architectural and visual heritage - won't it be lovely to stroll the High Road once more?

Of course great thanks go out to Spurs and the Council for the new plans.

But a special gigantic Mexican Wave has to go to Tottenham Civic Society who stuck to their guns!

And who devote so much hard work to the area - and who are always looking for new recruits and continue to host a great variety of interesting free walks and talks.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Tottenham's Penny Black 170 Years Old

The Penny Black 1840

Bruce Castle Museum's Rowland Hill designed the Penny Black postage stamp 170 years and four days ago today - well he actually designed it a bit earlier but it was first used 6th May 1840.

Monsieur Roulin Le Postman by Vincent Van Gogh

To celebrate Bruce Castle Museum has invited 10 postie folks to chose something for its new exhibition 'Postal People' now on.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lee Valley Bats Cha Cha Cha

Bats are lovely

Sunday 2nd May WAS
BATNIGHT in Tottenham, but had to be cancelled due to the weather!

So best not to meet at All Hallows Church 9pm

Lee Valley Bats

The Bats

Let's hope they arrange another one...


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bruce Castle Museum Curates the Sky

The lesser spotted Anvil Cloud by Luke Howard (1772-1864) cloudiologist and campaigner.

Bruce Castle Museum
is celebrating the life of Tottenham's namer of clouds Luke Howard.

In a wonderful new exhibition you can explore the cloudiologist's scientific achievements, his Quakerly civil rights campaigns and his influence on Turner, Constable and Goethe.

Luke Skywatcher, Keeper of Clouds


Float Like a Butterfly at Euroart Studios

Have you voted on a new bookshop yet?

To make way for Spurs' brand new shiny stadium, Tottenham's Euroart Studios has moved...

to Tottenham.

They're throwing a ball this Friday 23rd of April to celebrate.

Meet the artistes, sigh at their garrets and consider a life change.

Doors open from 6 with fun till 10.

At 7 and 9 you can explore "religion, fear and predation" through drama poetry and the unconscious in "The Meal" a performance by poet Sarah Reilly.

"All are welcome!

Visit our purpose built studios – meet the artists – see their work – share a drink with us.


Five mins walk from Seven Sisters tube right near Marfield Park

Euroart Studios

Units 5 & 6

Gaunson House

Markfield Road

The Nam N15 4QQ

Check the Map


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Markfield Beam Engine Museum Welcomes Spring

The Beam

Set in lovely Markfield Park and right next to a lovely adventure playground, skatepark, indoor bouncy land, and lovely cafe - Markfield Beam Engine Museum is a great day out for all the family.

Now that Spring is here the fully restored beam engine is ready for action.

You can get there from the Lee Valley Canal or across the marshes.

Take a look at their website for more info.

Markfield Beam Engine and Museum



Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bruce Castle History Fair

Bruce Castle Museum is hosting the Haringey History Fair today.

Chris Protz, local writer and historian, is first off the mark at 11.10 carrying the torch for Tottenham: A History.

Catching the baton at 11.50 will be Professor Gus John, Trustee of John Padmore Institute and Associate of New Beacon Books, talking over his shoulder on 'John La Rose: Reaching Out from Haringey Across the Five Continents in Pursuit of Change.'

At 12.30 the baton will be delivered poste haste to Hilary Flippance, expert on Postal History who will be Exploring Postal Heritage.

Local Historian and writer, Doctor Jim Lewis will collect the baton at 2pm from where it may be languishing among dinner plates, to reveal the 'Lee Valley's Electronic Secrets'.

The Reverend Glyn Jenkins is next off at the 2.40 mark with an illuminating discussion on the Missionary and Martyr John Williams (whose blue plaque you might have seen, just past Banksy's graffitti).

Keeping the torch alight as she takes us through Bowes Park Tunnel on the New River, Caroline Simpson of Bowes Park Community Association will meet us at the 3.40 yard arm.

Finally, Albert Pinching will lead us to the finish from 4.20 with an Appreciation of Joan Schwitzer and the Hornsey Historical Society.

During the day you might see the Friends of Tottenham Marshes, the Friends of Lordship Rec or the Tottenham Civic Society and Museum Staff who will be throwing open their archives for us to rifle through, even a mayor, or town councilor might appear who you can thank for the new play areas planned for Bruce Castle Park or gripe at for all those houses with broken windows which makes everyone feel bad.....

Friday, January 8, 2010