Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bruce Castle Groove

Earth Wind and Fire...the 1970s Roman kiln project in Highgate Woods.

Bruce Castle Museum has blown the doors off its safe and released a 2000 year old Roman kiln back into the wild.

The project, which is the Museum's fantastic contribution to the 'Cultural Olympiad', has its roots in the earth loving 70s after archaeologists found the ancient cooker in Highgate Woods and wanted to have a go themselves.

On Monday the youth of Haringey led by archaeologist Nick Peacey and Local Potter Mooki Hurst strapped themselves in for a creative rollercoaster ride back through time.

The journey will see our merry band of travellers squidging up the Ancient Clay of Haringey to produce delicately turned masterpieces and raw expressions to rival that of the road loving Romans.

They'll build their own fire breathing kilns , while chroniclers from Exposure Youth Magazine will be on hand to record it all, and on Friday 16th July David Lammy MP will be there to cheer everyone on.