Monday, May 24, 2010

Lovely Spurs Save Lovely High Road

Tottenham experts puzzle an age old question...the cockerel or the football?

Lovely Tottenham Football Club is to preserve and restore the lovely boarded up buildings along the High Road originally marked for demolition!

The new stadium development will have a massive lovely impact on the area breathing life back into that zombie deadzone on the High Road and rippling out in wonderfully benevolent waves of regeneration.

But it's also great for Tottenham's lovely architectural and visual heritage - won't it be lovely to stroll the High Road once more?

Of course great thanks go out to Spurs and the Council for the new plans.

But a special gigantic Mexican Wave has to go to Tottenham Civic Society who stuck to their guns!

And who devote so much hard work to the area - and who are always looking for new recruits and continue to host a great variety of interesting free walks and talks.