Monday, May 12, 2008

Some places to go around the High Road, Bruce Grove and Lordship Lane...

A bit of a critic? just have to tell the world about somewhere great in your neighbourhood? get scribbling and write our reviews for us!

Tottenham High Road, Bruce Grove and Lordship Lane have loads of places to go out for a bite to eat, a cup of coffee, or a fresh tub of halva.

We've drawn up a list of just some of them in the area.

(and also promise to add one's we can't quite remember the names of! Like that nice Thai place in the alley between the Butchers and McDonald's - you know the one! - and pubs of course)

You may have seen a few of these on the beeb's
'Bruce Grove - Our Street.'

Tottenham High Road

Bar Latina - life and soul of the party, Accoustic Vibe Nights on Tuesdays, otherwise Salsa food and fun - join them at the Carnival for Latin singing and boogie.

Bar Latina - What's On

(Music journos and budding directors get to work! send us your stuff! It's right on your doorstep!)

Shuggie - Bar Latina

Daniel Spiller - I Confess

Rosered - Bar Latina

Luke Paul Jackson's Absent Friends

Mauritian Dance Night

Salsa - sound's a bit rough on this one...

Grhymey Live On Stage

La Barca's - excellent cafe restaurant - lovely seaside themes- opposite Spurs - doors always open

Tottenham Star - give it three stars for delicious kebabs and more, go on! just by Spurs

TFC - a High Road giant, filled with lovely fresh veg and packed with goodies - it's a supermarket but anyways....

Cirrik - Time Out's been there - fancy Turkish cuisine, good atmosphere

Jack's cafe - good old traditional cafe just by Spurs - great food

Titanic Cafe - best named caff in the world

Still there. Best looking cafe in the world, the Titanic holds its course.

Nexus Point - almost the best name in the world?

Tony's Cafe, sadly no more.

Bruce Grove

Well established
family run San Marco's opposite the station - everyone loves it

Well established
Scorpio's Chicken - tasty eats

New Moroccan
Menar Patisserie - great coffee, cakes and cuisine

New massive cafe next to the station in converted post office with function rooms.

Lordship Lane

New Portuguese
Marina Cafe - very friendly family run cafe just opposite Bruce Castle Park stacked with treats and a few tipples

(a bit of a cop-out we know - but it's a start!)



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