Friday, October 28, 2011

Book Now for The Riots

"Dear ALL

NO, I am not predicting the next riots in Tottenham. I am promoting the play, written by Gillian Slovo, The Riots.  That's right me promoting something! The guy who is never happy has finally found something that he LOVES! 

Seriously, like I wasn't being serious before, THIS IS AMUST SEE PRODUCTION !!!  It's the BEST thing that I have seen about the riots to date! 

It was produced by the Tricycle Theatre who rarely bring their productions on the road. I begged them to bring it to Tottenham. Now I need your support to inform and encourage as wide an audience as possible to see it. 

I don't want to give too much away, but the community's voices are truly represented in this play, trust me! I am in it, but I am not bigging it up because of that, if anything I am usually more critical  when I am involved, as they never bloody get it right! 

The play runs from 4th January 2012 through to 14th January, performances start at 8PM ( so no excuses really, is there?) There are a number of matinees too, so check out the flyer and the Bernie Grant Arts Centre website for complete details and online booking.  BOOK EARLY AS IT COMPLETLY SOLD OUT LAST TIME. 

PS Oh yeah, I have the great honour of being on the panel, for the after show discussion, with Gillian Slovo on the opening night, aren't I the lucky one? I would so love you ALL to come share the moment with me.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pass this email on to ALL in your networks.

PPS Don't spend all your money on presents, it's all a con innit! (that's not a question)
Save some for the show and get some real upliftment for the start of what's gonna be a really heavy year!


Stafford Scott

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