Friday, February 24, 2012

Police and the Community Consultation - Send in Your Thoughts and Comments by 29th February 2012

 "On behalf of the Haringey CPEG and the Police we wanted to take this opportunity of thanking you for the help and support that you have given the Borough since the death of Mark Duggan and the subsequent disorder that followed.

Haringey is a Borough that is keen to continue increasing trust and confidence in the police from all areas of the community and to improve communications.

You may now be aware that the proposed date for the IPCC to complete their investigation in April 2012 and the Inquest into Mark’s death is scheduled for 15th October to 7th December 2012.

There has been some speculation and reporting that one of the causes of the disorder in August 2011 was owing to a breakdown in community and police relationships.

With all of this in mind we write to you today to ask for your thoughts as to how we can develop and improve the working relationship between the community and the police.

We would ask you to specifically consider the following questions:

o          How do you think that we could improve the way that the police work with the community?

o          How do you think we could improve the way that the community work with the police?

o          Are there groups in the community that the police need to engage with more or in a more productive way and if   so how?

o          What do you personally see as the way forward and how could you help to achieve that?

We feel that this is a real opportunity to canvass your views and knowledge in order that we can create a good working relationship between the community and the police dealing with those important issues affecting the community in Haringey. Please could you send your thoughts and comments to Enid Ledgister, by 29th February 2012 at, fax: 0208 881 7223, text: 07958 182773 or 14 Turnpike Lane, Hornsey, London N8 0PT.

Kind Regards                             

Gerard McGrath                                             Sandra Looby
Chair Haringey CPCG                                   Borough Commander Haringey "

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